My son has been with Penny since he was 3 months and he truly loves her and her family! When we drop him off in the morning his face lights up as soon as he sees her and he even gives her a kiss on the cheek (one day he started showing her how much he adores her; he doesn't do this for anyone else in his life, as of yet). The fact he is visibly happy and is progressing well proves to us he's well-cared for. She's cared for kids of all ages, including 2 additional infants, while he was in her care and he continues to thrive. We truly appreciate her and have peace of mind, while working full-time jobs, our son is in the best hands.

Cassie R.

We found a gem of a daycare in Thousand Oaks.  Our two+ year old daughter developed in leaps and bounds in her care.  Though she has since moved on to a larger preschool, her wonderful daily interactions with Penny have left a lasting, positive impact.  In fact, our little girl still asks about Penny on a regular basis.  We hope to luck out again and there's room at Penny's when we have our next baby!

John and Melanie McGee